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    Teng Tools Socket Accessories

    Socket and ratchet accessories are an easy and cost-effective way of getting the most out of your hand and power tools without the need to purchase newer and more expensive units. Whether you're shopping for 3/8 square to 1/4 hex adapters or bit holders, RS carries a vast selection of ratchet accessories and attachments, from leading brands such as Wera, Stanley, RS PRO, Facom, and more.

    What Types of Socket Accessories are There?

    There is a range of different accessories available and each of them has a unique purpose and function. Some of the more common socket accessories are:

    Extension Bars – They offer extended lengths in a variety of sizes and can come as straight, wobble, or flexible extension bars. Flexible and wobble extension bars loosely attach into a socket, allowing the socket to move at slight angles. This flexibility creates access to fasteners that are angled or in awkward spaces and can't be reached with a straight extension or deep socket.

    Torque Multipliers – A precision tool that multiplies the torque applied to the input drive, both for fastening and loosening. The multiplier is designed for maintenance and servicing applications for heavy industrial plants, construction, and the automotive industry. They have a stated ratio that delivers the multiplier via an internal system of gears.

    Bit Holders - Adapters that fit over the output drive and accept drill bits, effectively turning the ratchet into a screwdriver. Drill bit holders are sized based on the size of the output drive on the ratchet. 5/16 bit holders and ¼ bit holders are two of the most common sizes. Magnetic bit holders provide extra sturdiness locking the bit into place using magnetism.

    Socket Adapters or Converters – Supports the connection of a turning tool with a drive that is bigger, smaller, or a different shape than the output drive size of the socket, saving the need to carry multiple drives. For example, if you have a ⅜ ratchet but have a 1/4 hex socket, you would need a ¼ hex socket adapter. Other popular adapters are 1/2 to 7/16 hex adapters, 1/4 drive to 1/4 hex adapters, 1/2 inch drive to hex adapters, and 7/16 hex to 1/2 square adapters.

    Universal Joints – Allow the socket or extension bar to be able to move in any direction with great flexibility, while the ratchet or rotational movement can be transferred through the universal joint.

    Ratchet Renewal Kits – Recondition or repair your damaged ratchet, offering a more cost-effective solution than purchasing a whole new ratchet.

    Socket Rails and Clips – Used to securely store loose sockets and stop them from going missing. Socket clips need to match the drive size of the socket for them to be secured.

    Which Tools can Socket Accessories be Used With?

    Socket accessories can be used with most tools if they have the same fitting connector or drive size. They are most commonly used with hand ratchets, impact or power tools, torque wrenches, and more. Check the sizing of your tools and of the accessories in question to see if there is a match.

    Who Uses These kinds of Accessories?

    Socket accessories are most commonly used by mechanics, engineers, and DIY enthusiasts for a variety of maintenance and repair applications whether at home or in industry.

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