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    Screwdriver Sets

    Every home should have a screwdriver set comprising flathead, stubby, star and impact screwdrivers. This helps you avoid the need to call a handyman, as you can pick the right screwdriver from your kit to do the job. This saves you time and money in the long run.

    Screwdriver Construction

    Each screwdriver comprises three parts:


    The handle is generally shaped to prevent rolling on flat surfaces. It can also be ergonomic to improve grip comfort, enabling its user to tirelessly head from task to task. Handles are commonly made of a composite of hard plastic and can be covered in a soft material to improve grip.

    Shaft or Shank

    The screwdriver shaft is commonly made of strong steel. The shaft is rounded or hexagonal so that a spanner or wrench can be used to apply increased torque. It generally has a different colouration and material than the drive tip.

    Phillips, Hex, Pozi, Slotted and Star Drive Tips for Different screws

    The drive tip can be part of the shank if it is not detachable, or it can be an interchangeable part known as a driver bit, similar to drill bits. A cordless drill can be used as an electric screwdriver in this capacity.

    There are different drive tips for different screws. The common shapes are Phillips, Hex, Pozi, Slotted and Star. Our range contains these drive tips, among others, from many industry-leading brands. Drive tips come in various metals and alloys, such as:

    • Titanium
    • Stainless steel
    • Tool grade steel or S2
    • High-speed steel or HSS

    Are These Screwdrivers Available Separately?

    If you lose or break a screwdriver tip, you can find a replacement in our Screwdrivers category. We offer diverse sizes, ranging from T2 micro tips to larger ones like T30, ensuring you have the right size for the job at hand.

    What are the Common Types of Screwdriver Sets?

    • Electricians' screwdriver set.
    • Engineers' screwdriver set.
    • Interchangeable screwdriver set.
    • Precision screwdriver set.
    • VDE/Approved screwdriver set - A VDE-approved tool is safe to use with electricity and has passed a series of rigorous quality, safety, construction, and ergonomics tests.

    What Does ESD Mean?

    ESD Anti-Static screwdrivers are used on sensitive electronic components. They allow controlled dissipation of static build-up. Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is the release of static electricity when two elements encounter each other.

    Tackle Any Job with Confidence with RS's Reliable Screwdriver Sets

    Regardless of your project requirements, RS's extensive selection of screwdriver sets will be able to tackle even the most stubborn screws with ease. With each set comprising a considerable variety of tips, handles and sizes, we offer everything you need to get the job done right, all at an affordable price. Get yours from RS today.

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