Tape Measures

Tape measures are a simple measurement tool designed for measuring length and distance in a variety of professional and personal applications. They feature a long length of marked material with measurements along the full length. Measurements are often in both metric (centimetres and metres) and imperial (inches and feet) units.

What are the different types of tape measure?

Whether you’re looking for a Stanley tape measure, a Lufkin tape measure or something else, they come in a variety of lengths and materials to suit different applications. The right one for you will depend on where and why you’ll be using it.

  • Tape measures used in carpentry or construction industries are designed to be durable and often feature a rigid, curved metallic tape that can remain stiff and straight when extended at length. Tape widths vary, with wider tapes offering greater rigidity over longer distances for ease of use when working alone.
  • Flexible measuring tapes are designed for use in tailoring or dressmaking, as well as monitoring body changes for medical reasons. Also known as a sewing tape or dressmakers tape, these types can either be cased in retractable housing or rolled, and are often made from fibreglass, which does not tear or stretch.
  • Long measure tapes are able to measure distances of around 150m and can be retracted into a coil for convenient storage and to avoid damage around jobsites. They’re primarily designed for engineering and industrial work.
  • Short measure tapes, also known as pocket measure tapes, are mostly used for clothes making and DIY. Many feature belt clips to keep them handy.
  • Analogical tapes rely on the user to read a measurement accurately, whereas digital tapes display a readout on an integrated display to reduce room for human error.
  • Laser and infrared tapes do not use a physical tape, but use laser pointer targets to measure longer distances accurately.

Check our Tape Measures Guide for more information about the variety of types available and their different applications.

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