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    Scourers & Cleaning Sponges

    Scourers and cleaning sponges are essential cleaning products which are used within households and commercial and industrial applications and designed to make cleaning jobs easier and quicker without damaging surfaces. Our range of scourers and cleaning sponges are available for walls, floors, surface tops, kitchen utensils and have been sourced from leading brands such as: Vikan, 3M, and RS PRO.

    RS offers a selection of efficient heavy duty scourers for tough cleaning and non scratch pads for more sensitive surfaces in a range of colours and sizes to meet all your cleaning requirements.

    What are scourers?

    Scourers are an abrasive material designed for cleaning and scrubbing stubborn dirt and particles from hard surfaces. These abrasive pads are ideal for removing burnt on food and grease from pots and pans. Heavy duty scourer pads are used for tougher cleaning jobs and can be used instead of scrapers, steel wool and metal sponges. Scourers can be used in wet applications and also dry applications such as stripping jobs like removing rust. They can be cleaned and reused for other jobs.

    What are cleaning sponges?

    Cleaning sponges are typically made from plastic polymers, microfibre, and cellulose fibres. They are porous, meaning that they are excellent at absorbing water or liquid solutions. Some sponges are combined with scouring pads to make them suitable for a wider range or more robust applications. Dry sponges are also available. These are made from rubber, non-porous, and can be used on surfaces that cannot deal with liquids.

    What are sponge scouring pads?

    Sponge scourers are a combination of a sponge with a scourer top layer. The perfect option for general cleaning with the sponge and a more heavy-duty cleaning with the scourer. Perfect for use in kitchens due to their absorbent and abrasive properties.

    Typical applications

    Scourers and cleaning sponges are used for both professional and domestic use and are found in industrial kitchens, catering environments, domestic and commercial cleaning. When choosing a scouring pad, you must consider the surface that it will be used on. A very hard abrasive scoring pad is ideal for very stubborn dirt and should not be used on sensitive surfaces like stainless steel as it will scratch the surface. Non-scratch pads should be used on more delicate surfaces.

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