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    Rittal Server Racks

    Server racks are structures which are designed to house and organise networking equipment. Server rack enclosures are primarily used for holding servers, but they also house other network devices such as routers and cables. Server racks can be both freestanding or in wall mount form and are often used as a computer server rack or data rack. Their universal mounting method allows for any 19-inch unit to be installed easily using cage nuts.

    Server racks are a standardised frame system that can be left open or enclosed within a cabinet. The frame system houses different modules and shelves. The server rack frame is typically made up of two main front rails with fixed distance mounting holes along the entire length and a fixed base to support the unit. Some units are box form with four corner posts, a top and a bottom. Box format allows users to fit side and top rack panels to enclose the unit to protect modules or to hide internal view for a more aesthetically pleasing unit.

    Benefits of a Server Rack?

    • Universal mounting system
    • Standardised hole spacing for uniform display
    • Easy access to maintain modules
    • Open or closed systems for varying applications
    • Freestanding and wall mounted units available
    • Rack accessories for storage, organisation and cooling units

    Where might I use a Server Rack?

    Racking systems are most commonly found in computing with the main computer or server modules being mounted for ease of use and maintenance. 19 inch systems are also very common in music and audio environments as a range of preamps, interfaces, effects boards and mixers can be found in the universal 19-inch format.

    Data centres often use a larger rack to house greater numbers of units, rack-mount data storage units can be housed in taller units with a higher unit capacity to maximise storage in minimal space.

    Server Rack Accessories:

    Server rack shelves and drawer units can be used with a server rack for a storage solution. Integrated storage helps to keep any server room or studio tidy. Back and side panels create an enclosed unit to protect from dust and ingresses, while patch panels and easy access doors help with servicing and maintenance. Accessories can be used to convert a server rack into a full server cabinet. Vent and cooling units are also available to aid airflow for units to remove the risk of equipment overheating.

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