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    Coaxial Connectors

    Coaxial connectors (also known as RF connectors), are electrical connectors used to connect coaxial cables to electronic devices and can carry high-frequency signals over long distances. You can find more information in our coaxial connectors guide.

    What do Coaxial Connectors do?

    Coaxial connectors provide a convenient method of connecting RF equipment together ensuring reliable and efficient signal transmission in a range of electronic devices and systems.


    Coaxial connectors are used in several applications including:

    • Laboratory
    • Test and measurement
    • Telecommunications
    • Base stations
    • GPSLAN
    • Antennas
    • Consumer electronics

    Types of Coaxial Connectors

    There are various types of Coaxial connectors available, and each type has its own unique features and can be used in different applications depending on factors such as frequency range, impedance, power handling and evironmental conditions such temperature and humidity. Popular types include:

    • BNC Connectors - commonly used in video and radio applications and are easy to install and remove
    • SMA Connectors – (Subminiature Version A) used in high-frequency applications, such as radio, GPS, and wireless networks
    • N Connectors – N-type connectors are used in higher-power applications, such as radio transmission systems
    • TNC Connectors – these are like BNC connectors, and are designed for outdoor use
    • F Connectors - these F-type coax connectors are commonly used in cable TV and satellite systems to conduct an electrical signal
    • SMB Connectors – (Subminiature Version B) widely used with Industrial electronics and telecoms equipment
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