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    Circular Connector Inserts

    Circular connector inserts are the insulating inner core of a connector. A connector consists of a connector insert, contacts and a protective enclosure. The insert is at the centre of a connector and holds the contacts in place within the housing.

    Properties of circular connector inserts

    Circular connector inserts are made from a molded piece of dielectric material that fits inside a connector shell to support the connector contacts. Inserts are then tooled specifically for each different shell size and contact arrangement (an electrical circuit component found in electrical switches, connectors or circuit breakers). The inserts are made from resilient materials.

    Benefits of circular connector inserts

    Circular connector inserts are resistant to dust, commonly used oils and salt water, making them ideal for use in hostile environments such as marine, food and process industries and general manufacturing. Circular connector inserts are easy to assemble, inserting into the appropriate contact with a simple snap fit into the desired connector shell.

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