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    SCSI Cables

    SCSI cables are used to establish high-speed connections and enable data transfers between small computers and peripherals like printers, optical disks, and hard disks. The assemblies have molded covers, which ensure stable connections between devices.

    Foil or braided shields cover the assemblies to minimize interference. SCSI cable assemblies have either male to male, male to female or female to female connection configurations.

    RS offer a selection of high-quality computer cables from leading brands including Molex, TE Connectivity, Startech and of course RS PRO.

    What does SCSI stand for?

    The definition of SCSI stand for Small Computer System Interface. The cables can also be known as a scuzzy cable.

    What are SCSI cables used for?

    The cables are used in numerous applications including audio video, networking, and telecommunications. Some SCSI cables are specifically designed for usage in high-vibration environments like industrial factories or manufacturing plants. SCSI cables are also used for AXA and SATA disk drives.

    Are SCSI cables still being used?

    The standard isn't so common today for consumer hardware devices however it can be found in some areas. Newer versions are USB attached SCSI (UAS) and Serial Attached SCSI (SAS). If you come across the need to buy a CSCI cable or a mini SAS cable, you may take a look at the options that we have in our store. We got both 25 pin SCSI cable and 50 pin SCSI cable to cater to your needs. You can also purchase 3m cable clips along with them.

    Types of SCSI cables

    The type of SCSI cable assembly used is dependent on where the SCSI bus is located on the device. SCSI cable assemblies are used with various connector types including:

    • Centronics connectors used for connecting most third-party peripherals.
    • DB connectors with numerous pin variants to accommodate a wide range of external devices.
    • High-speed serial data connectors, which facilitate top speed transfer rates.
    • Telco connectors with high pin counts of up to fifty pins for connecting printing and scanning devices.

    Go ahead and browse through our store to look at all SCSI cables that we have. Since we offer highest quality cables, you don't need to keep any second thoughts in mind at the time of purchasing them. We guarantee that you will be able to end up with getting top-class SCSI cables to cater to your needs.

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