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    Cable Trays

    Cable trays and baskets offer a safe way out of the routing cables and wires. Cable trays can be fixed onto a wall or suspended from a ceiling to provide a track that enables cables and wires to be routed throughout a structure in an easily maintainable manner. Cable trays and baskets, which are frequently constructed of galvanized or stainless steel, offer the ideal cable management solution and look beautiful in any setting.

    Cable ladder and Cable tray systems are means of supporting cables. They are not meant to be utilized as ladders or walkway for people because doing so could result in danger and damage to the structure and any installed wires.

    Why should you use cable management trays for cabling installation?

    Some think they are done with their task once the professional sets the wiring system at their business. But, they fail to realize that it still needs more work; they fail to recognize the importance of cable trays.

    The wiring looks neat and tidy!

    The advantage of cable trays over traditional wire installations is that they provide a neater, cleaner appearance. Although several cables may be required to run various systems, you are not required to see every size and color variant.

    It can be unpleasant to look at the wire bundles you leave outside. However, you can do away with that by adding cable trays. Both you and other guests will find the tidy appearance to be pleasing.

    You have a chance to get bigger savings.

    If you're running short of money or trying to save some bucks, it is ideal to use cable trays as they need minimal cost and time for installation.

    This is an excellent option for individuals who want a smooth installation of copper or fiber optic cable. Cable trays will prolong the life of the wires and enhance their long-term performance, eventually saving money.

    Cable Tray

    It is used to arrange power supply cables by using cable ties to make it look neat and convenient for tracing any fault on the cable.

    Is wire tray a part of cable trunking accessories?

    Cable trunking accessories can be used alone or with new and old cable trunking systems. Cable trunking is the term for enclosures that neatly contain and protect cables, preventing tampering or accidental damage and making room for additional electrical equipment by taking up less space. They hide cables, keep them safe, and guard against water and dust damage.

    Some people often confuse cable trays (mostly known as a wire tray) for cable trunks, but there's a significant difference between these two:

    Cable Trunk

    It is used to arrange control cables to make it look tidy with cable ties and to identify faults easily.

    Types of cable trunking accessories:

    • Mounting Chains
    • Cutting Tools
    • Couplers
    • Switch sockets
    • Skirting trunk corners
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