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    Electrical Tapes

    Electrical tape is pressure-sensitive tape that is used to insulate electrical wires or other materials that conduct electricity. Mainly supplied in rolls and is quite often referred to as insulation tape, electrical insulation tape, insulating tape, or PVC tape.

    A wide variety of these tapes have been developed by a number of manufacturers, with varying thicknesses, widths, and lengths. So when installing your network and organizing your cables, consider electrical tape as part of the process. WHY? Because these tapes are abrasion-resistant, and flame-retardant, they can provide a very high level of protection against dust, dirt, moisture, acids, UV radiation, and solvents.

    What Exactly Qualifies As An Electrical Tape

    In case you're wondering why electrical tape is preferred over other tapes, here are a few reasons:

    • Insulation - this tape provides effective insulation against electricity, thus preventing current from flowing through circuitry and users.
    • Heat Resistancy - these tapes have a high level of heat resistance and are fireproof, making it a safe product to use around electrical appliances.
    • Flexibility - Easy installation and easy insulation are possible thanks to their flexibility.

    Colors of Tapes

    Electrical tape is available in assorted colors to not only aid the color coding of wires by masking them but to also indicate the phase and the voltage level of the wire (phasing tape). There are many colors of insulation tape to choose from which include, black, blue, green, yellow, green/yellow, grey, brown, white, and red.

    Black tape is generally used for insulation purposes by electricians and for low-voltage neutral usage. In the UK green/yellow tape is used to indicate protective earth, brown tape to indicate low-voltage live wires, and blue tape to indicate low-voltage neutral wires.

    Types of Tapes

    There are a wide variety of electrical tapes available depending on the application they are required for. These tapes differ in how they perform in relation to their ability to withstand extreme temperatures, insulation resistance, and dielectric breakdown.


    The most popular material for electrical tape is vinyl but it can also be made of many other types of plastic such as PVC. Vinyl is an ideal choice for this tape as it stretches well and provides long-lasting electrical wiring insulation.


    Conductive tapes are made from copper foil with a conductive adhesive. They are used to shield all different types of electrical connections plus rebuild strands and insulation shields on high-voltage splices.

    Glass Cloth

    Glass cloth tapes high a very high mechanical strength and can withstand high temperatures. They have excellent absorption of varnishes and resins.


    Mainly used by engineers in electrical installation, electrical maintenance, and automotive repair.

    But is it waterproof? the answer is "no".

    These tapes do not repel water. However, it is possible to make electrical tape waterproof to a limited extent by wrapping enough tape tightly around the wire or component, but this can only be done to a limited extent. In wet applications, the insulating tape is ineffective as it cannot withstand splashes of

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