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    Phoenix Contact

    Phoenix Contact

    Inspiring Innovations for a Sustainable World

    Phoenix Contact is a leading global manufacturer and trusted innovator in the field of control, installation, device, and connection technologies. Today, Phoenix Contact is paving the way for a sustainable future through innovative solutions for industrial digitalization and e-mobility.

    Whether you are creating new systems or retrofitting, Phoenix Contact has detailed solutions ready to support you in your journey toward a carbon-neutral society.


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    COMPLETEline - The Future of Control Cabinet Solutions

    • Networking and digitalization across applications within the control cabinet.
    • Intuitive handling, thanks to the uniform design, haptics, and function.
    • Reduced logistics costs with standardized accessories and reduced parts diversity.
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    Power Supply

    Power Supplies with Maximum Functionality

    • Reliable heavy load startup and miniature circuit breaker tripping.
    • Power reserve with static boost, providing sustained power of up to 125%.
    • Preventive function monitoring reports critical states before errors occur.
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    TERMITRAB Complete | The Narrowest Surge Protection Solution

    Superior system availability thanks to preventive function monitoring and maintenance. In addition, the QUINT POWER power supply satisfies functional safety requirements (SIL) and ensures maximum operational safety. Whether in parallel operation or when connected to different phases, the load is reliably supplied even in the event of problems with the input voltage.

    The world's narrowest surge protection solution for Measurement, Control and Regulation (MCR) applications. Discover the unique features and benefits of the TERMITRAB Complete for MCR applications