Reverse Osmosis unit with all cartridges

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RS PRO Reverse Osmosis unit complete with all cartridges

RS PRO introduces the Reverse Osmosis System (RO system) coming complete with all cartridges, this RO system is a fantastic safe way to purify your water. This reverse osmosis system uses filters not chemicals to treat the water and after the installation, it involves minimal upkeep or maintenance for your convenience. This compact reverse osmosis system is a brilliant, easy way to improve the purity and quality of your cooking and drinking water through filtration to ease your mind about contaminants and impurities in tap water and save you from purchasing bottled water. Studies have shown that one of the best things you can do for your health is to keep your body properly hydrated, with the reverse osmosis system this is easy to do at home on a daily basis with no stress or effort, just tap water! At the heart of your RO system is the RO membrane. In addition to the reverse osmosis process, this membrane acts as an extremely fine filter (ultra-filtration to .0005 micron), blocking the passage of impurities to your tap water.

Features and Benefits

• RS PRO has designed this reverse osmosis system to be compact and easy to fit undersink to be convenient, low upkeep but also tidy for the household
• Perfect for making your drinking water purified straight from the tap thanks to the multiple filter system in place, this also helps the environment as you'll no longer need to buy plastic water bottles for purified water when you can achieve this straight from the tap
• Filtration removes tastes and odours leaving you with virtually pure water, taking out fluoride, chloride, barium, copper, and sodium
• The membrane removes sediment, asbestos, and any suspended organic material along with virtually all micro-organisms such as bacteria, cysts, virus and pyrogen
• Virtually all colloidal matter, heavy metals and most heavy metal complexes of arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury and silver are gone with the use of reverse osmosis
• Reverse osmosis removes 90 - 99% of all dissolved solids from water, the filters providing water of extreme purity which is ideal for anyone with any health concerns
• Reverse osmosis water has, in blind taste tests, been chosen to be the best tasting water. This is most likely because it doesn't have the trace amounts of sulfur, heavy metals and nitrates that potable water has which can often make it unappetising
• RO water has no lead which along with making it taste better actually reduces the risk of high blood pressure, nerve damage and also kidney and liver problems
• RO water has no sodium which is fantastic for people who are being health conscious as sodium has been linked to blood pressure issues, increase the risk of stroke, heart disease, stomach cancer and kidney disease. It is also responsible for holding excess fluid in the body which can put an added burden to the heart
• RO water also eliminates parasites in your drinking water which is great especially for children that are more susceptible to the risk of these parasites causing anaemic conditions or brain damage. Water parasites are also known to cause stomach pains and other gastrointestinal issues by parasites making their way into the digestive tracks
• You'll save money from no longer having to buy plastic bottled water, which is an added bonus to the environment as well!

How do reverse osmosis systems work?

The reverse osmosis water filter works by a series of pre-filters, the first of which the water be pumped through is the SW5 strung filter. This filter works to remove sediment and other particles down to the size of 5 micron. After this the water passes to allow pressure switch before going through to the booster pump. From the booster pump, it then passes through the second filter, this is the carbon filter that contains activated carbon, removing the chlorine from the water. Then the water is pumped through the third filter, the SW1 filter, which removes any particles still in the water down to a size of 1 micron. After the three stages of pre-filtration have occurred the water will then pass through the RO membrane where virtually all remaining contaminants are removed before moving on to the post-filter which also contains activated carbon that polishes your water by removing any unwanted tastes, purification of your water is complete and it is ready for you to drink.

What do reverse osmosis systems remove from water?

The RO unit removes almost every impurity from your drinking water. The process removes 90 - 99% of contaminates, taking away all bad tastes and odours from any potable water. Reverse osmosis removes most dissolved solids from your water including mineral salts such as barium, calcium, chloride, chromium, copper, iron, fluoride, magnesium, manganese, nitrates, sodium, zinc etc. RO also removes most heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury and silver. The RO membrane also works to remove any other contaminates in the water such as sediment, scale, asbestos and suspended organic material, it will also remove virtually all microorganisms such as bacteria, cysts, virus, and pyrogen. Through all of this, the reverse osmosis filters and membranes work to reduce any particles down to the .0005 micron giving you virtually pure water out of your tap!


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Maximum Working Pressure 5 bar
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