RS PRO USB 2.0 Female USB A to Male Micro USB B Adapter, 150mm

  • RS Stock No. 790-3647
  • Manufacturer RS PRO
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USB 2.0 Type A Female - Micro B Male 0.15m

This versatile RS Pro Male USB A to Male Micro USB B adapter has been designed with customers in mind and manufactured from high-quality materials. This cable supports USB 2.0 protocol standard that allows for a data transfer up to 480 Mbps and it's finished in a stylish black colour.

Features and benefits:

• Connectors: Female USB A - Male Micro USB B
• Plug & Play - no additional software required
• Improved shielding
• Colour: black
• Made from high-quality materials
• USB Type 2.0
• Used for connecting USB A ports devices with Micro USB connectors

Typical Applications:

USB cable are typical components used to provide a connection from computers to peripherals such as keyboards, printers, portable media players, network adaptors and pointing devices. They are also used to provide electrical power to portable devices via a wall adaptor or computer.

How long is this cable?
This cable is 150 mm (0.15m) long.

How does USB cable work?
The USB cable (Universal Serial Bus) is the easy-to-use, standardised connector that allows for the integration of different types of devices with a computer. A USB cable consists of four wires that are used for transferring separately power and data. A USB cable allows for communication between devices in both directions.

What USB cable type describes?
USB cable types can be classified into several transfer speed groups:

• USB 3.1 – the most recent and the fastest available standard of USB
cables. It is capable to transfer up to 10Gbps. Please, bear in mind that USB 3.1 types are not compatible with USB 2.0 or older ports.

• USB 3.0 – these cables are able to work up to 5Gbps and are used in many modern devices that require multiple streams of data. USB 3.0 ports are fully backwards compatible which means USB 2.0 cables will be working with them. However, data transfer speed will be limited up to 2.0 standard.

• USB 2.0 – one of the most popular USB Cable standard that allows for a transfer speed of 480 Mbps. Most of the devices on the market are compatible with this standard.

What is OTG?

Usually, you would connect your peripheral device to a PC which would act as a host device. OTG is a standardized specification that allows a device such as a mobile phone or tablet to act as a host instead of a PC.The host device can then have other USB devices attached to it such as a digital camera or flash drive. The micro B plug connects to a micro B or micro AB socket in the host device whilst a USB stick or card reader is inserted into the USB A female receptacle.

What is a Micro USB Connector?

A Micro connector is a durable, miniaturised USB connector about half the thickness of a Mini USB. This connector was designed for connecting small, slimline mobile devices such as smartphones and digital cameras to a host PC such as a desktop, laptop or tablet. A fifth pin incorporated into this connector enables it to support On-The-Go technology when used on an OTG cable.

Micro Connector Compatibility Between USB Types

2.0 B male - 2.0 and 3.0 B and AB female
3.0 B male - 3.0 B and AB female

What is USB Version 2.0?

USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. The USB version relates to the technology that allows the data to be transferred along a cable from one device to another. USB 2.0 allows for a transfer speed of 480 Mbps. Most devices on the market are compatible with this standard.

Features and Benefits

• Can be used as a micro B to USB type A cable adapter
• Allows easy connection of mobile device to card reader or USB stick
Supports OTG technology
• Reliable Hi-Speed connection
• Moulded connector
• Plug and Play - no additional software required
• Meets standard USB 2.0 (transfer rate up to 480 Mbps)

How does a USB Cable Work?

A USB cable allows digital data to be transferred from a peripheral device to a host PC or, in this case, another USB device. The Micro B USB connector is inserted into the port on your mobile host device. The USB A connector can then be attached to Type A adapter cable or have a USB stick or card reader inserted into it. Once connected the data is transferred automatically via the cable without the need for any additional interfaces or software. This is referred to as Plug and Play.


USB 2.0

Attribute Value
Connector A Female USB A
Connector B Male Micro USB B
Length 150mm
USB Type USB 2.0
Sheath Colour Black
Discontinued product
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