Ordering Methods

However you want to order, we're here to help 

Large Orders

We have a dedicated Quotation Team who can help save you money through negotiating discount if you have a bill of materials.

Extended Range

Our Extended Range offers another 100,000 products

Forward Orders

Schedule orders to be delivered on different dates

Production Packaging

We supply parts in industry standard packaging types

Quotes Online

You can – and it will save you time and money

Purchasing Manager

Our eSolution offer you work flow management and control that reduces your total cost of acquisition as well as support speeding up your time–to–market.


RS eSolutions allow you to connect to our web catalogue reaching out to 500,000 products with rich product information. You will be able to take control and cut costs with our service.

Delivery Methods

Same day dispatch delivery or specific when you want it

Parcel Tracking

On My Account you can track its progress 24/7

My Account

Just register online for My Account

Account Opening

It's easy – just follow the links


Here’s how we can help

Technical Help

We've got all the information, support and advice you need.


Online community of technical experts and free design tools

Catalogue Request

Browse our catalogue and enjoy free delivery when you order online.

Invoice and Payment


Here’s how we can help

What is it?

Services to help you keep track of everything you've ordered and paid for, as well as any returns, credits or adjustments.

  • Invoices: our invoices provide information on all your orders which you can retrieve and get a copy online up to 90 days from invoice date.
  • Debit notes: we'll keep you informed by identifying any adjustments to your account, such as revised charges or payments.
  • Return credit notes: these are generated for either a product return or a non-transactional account adjustment, such as a refund for a timed delivery.

How does it help me?

  • Greater control: because you know exactly how much is going in and out of your account on a daily basis
  • Improved efficiency: because you can access your invoices 24/7/365
  • Saves time: because you don't need to search for the information you need
  • Environmentally aware: use less paper by choosing to receive all your invoices online

*Restrictions may apply

To find out more

Email: credit.ph@rs-components.com

Phone: +632 888 4030 ext. 8991/8992

Need to change your invoice details?

If you do have changes to your invoice details, please contact us on: +632 888 4030 or email orders.ph@rs-components.com and quote your Sold To/ Ship To Number, your name, your current invoice address and your new invoice address.

Please include a contact telephone number, this will allow us to contact you if we have any queries.

If you have sent the request via email please allow 2 days for the change to be processed, you will receive confirmation of the change via email.