How PurchasingManager™ works:

Do you have an in-house eProcurement solution? If not, then Purchasing Manager is the ideal solution for you.
There is no cost or investment required and you do not even have to upgrade your IT system.

  • - Self administered system which allows you to create your company structure with site, departments and users – you can customise the system to mirror the way your business is organised
  • - Assign spend controls, cost centres and approval limits
  • - Automates large sections of your procurement process
  • - Includes reporting function with available history over last 13 months
  • - Provides process and cost efficiencies when used in conjunction with a blanket purchase order

Overview video:

Typical purchasing process using PurchasingManager™

Typical purchasing process using PurchasingManager™

Gain more control over orders and spend


Save time


Boost visibility


Improve reporting


Speed up processing