USB-C: the newest standard of USB connector available. With easier insertion, increased speed and power, USB-C will revolutionise every industry.

Looking for a USB-C connector, adaptor, or even an evaluation board to create your next design? RS Components have the USB-C products you need to keep you connected.

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What is USB-C?

While it may seem as though the Universal Serial Bus (USB) has been around forever it was only designed in 1996 and has become the most used connection type in the Electronics industry. We use USB connections daily whether it be to connect keyboards and mice to computers, phones to chargers and USB memory sticks to laptops.

We are all familiar with the original rectangular connector for our computers and the smaller one for our phones and cameras but the new USB-C connector looks a little different and will make life that little bit easier for users around the world:

Works either way round
The USB-C has been developed to be simpler to use. There’s no up or down orientation so it works whichever way you plug it in. They’ll be no need to ask ‘Which way does it go?’ Or ‘Am I putting it in the right port?’

Universal connection
Works with anything that traditionally connects via USB such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and digital cameras but also connects across different operating systems!

Up to 20 x faster performance
Up to 20 times faster than the USB2.0, the USB-C can transfer data at up to 10Gbps (gigabits per second).

More power – transmit up to 100W

Capable of handling the new Power Delivery standard (USB PD) and the ability to transmit up to 100W the USB-C is able to power almost anything

USB-C Block Diagram

Driving your USB-C solution

Is your desk or work environment cluttered by cables? Whilst some can be replaced by wireless connections we still rely on cables for power delivery and high speed video.

In August 2014 two new specifications were released which will revolutionise how we connect our devices.
  • USB-C - Defines the 24 pin, reversible connector standard delivering up to 15W (5V@3A) and supporting data up to USB 3.1 (10Gbps)
  • USB Power Delivery Protocol (USB PD) – Delivers up to 100W (20V@5A) and the ability to dynamically configure the USB-C connection for alternate modes such as Thunderbolt™.

Whilst single chip solutions are rapidly becoming available in order to manage the expanded capabilities of USB-C and USB PD there are three key functions they perform. And of course discrete IC solutions for each block are available. However not all USB-C configurations integrate USB PD.

  • USB-C Controller - Controls and manages the discovery, configuration and control of the Type-C modes.
  • USB Power Switch - Supervises the USB PD 2.0 system setup and control (not required id USB PD)
  • USB Switch - Handles the data flow through to the microcontroller dependant on the mode selected.

Get to market faster and enjoy the benefits of USB-C

USB-C Connectors and Cables

Using the new USB Type-C will give you better performance improvements through faster data transfer capabilities and higher power charging of up to 100 W through a single cable and reversible plug.

At RS Components we stock a wide range of USB-C connectors, USB-C adaptors and USB-C cables to keep you connected. Whether you need to connect to an existing device or start a new design, find and buy the right USB compatible products today.