Component Chooser

A faster and smarter way to select the right component for your design

With over 6.5 million attributes now added to drive your product selection, Component Chooser will help you to quickly identify the right device for your application. We have brought together the most comprehensive set of product data available, combined with an intuitive interface to create an industry leading parametric search.

This page will help you navigate your way through using Component Chooser.

Component Chooser Video

Click the video to see how Component Chooser works

How to use Component Chooser

1. Select a technology

2. Select your priority attributes

3. Click 'Display results' button when you are happy with the number of 'Matching products' you find - your products will then be displayed side-by-side

4. Refine your search using the available filters on the left-hand side

5. To compare products please check the box next to the product image, and then select the 'Compare' button - these products will then be added to the compare bucket at the bottom of the screen

6. Check stock by entering a quantity and selecting the 'Live stock check' link

7. Select the 'add' button to put them into your shopping cart - you are then able to add to or amend your order by clicking the shopping cart.

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  1. How do you go back to the beginning easily?
    Pressing the RS logo at the top left-hand side of the screen will take you straight back to the Component Chooser homepage. If you want to get back to the technology attribute page please click on the 'Reset' link
  2. How many products can I compare?
    You can compare a maximum of 5 products at any one time. You can pick products across multiple product pages simply by clicking the checkbox next to the image
  3. Why aren't all catalogued products in Component Chooser?
    Not all product ranges are suitable for inclusion in Component Chooser - we are working to add more families over the coming months.
  4. Why are there some gaps?
    With over 400K electronics products worldwide and different manufacturers holding different levels of detail it is impossible to complete very attribute for every product. We are however continually amending and updating the blanks, and it is recommended that you double check the datasheet held for each product before purchasing any components.
  5. Can I make suggestions for attributes?
    Yes of course, feedback is always welcome, please use the submit a new question button above.