Pad Saws

A pad saw (also called keyhole saw, jab saw or alligator saw) is a long, narrow and often used for cutting small, awkward features in various building materials, such as getting through plasterboard. There are typically two main types of pad saw, the fixed and retractable blade type.
How they work?
Pad saws are used for cutting interior circles and other shapes that are much smaller than an ordinary saw could accomplish.
Types of Pad Saws
A fixed pad saw is used in the modern construction industry. With advances of certain building methods and materials, designs of the saws have been developed. One of these modifications is a sharpened end tip, which can be push through a soft material such as a drywall.
The retractable blade variety allows the user the option to retract the blade to an optimum length that prevents unwanted flex to the blade should the full length of the blade be obstructed in some way.

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