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    High Pressure Hydraulic Cylinders

    High pressure hydraulic cylinders are a popular component within a hydraulic system. They are used where a strong push or pull force is required and are designed with precision to ensure their performance and safety. Made from highly resistant materials, hydraulic cylinders are essentially a linear actuator which generate a force and can be used for continuous heavy duty use.A feature of high-pressure hydraulic cylinders is a tube with a finished interior and a hard chrome plated piston rod which avoids pitting & scoring. These hydraulic cylinders have seals and wipers that are attached to the end caps for eliminating contaminants and preventing leakage.Types of high pressure hydraulic cylinders include hollow plunger, low height and general purpose cylinders.Something to consider when choosing a high-pressure hydraulic cylinder is its capacity, stroke, operating pressure and whether the cylinder is single or double acting.Capacity - This is the force of the cylinder given in tonnesStroke – This is the length that the piston rod can travel in and out given in mmOperating Pressure – This is the maximum operating pressure given in psi or barSingle/Double Acting - Single-acting cylinders produce a force in one direction while double-acting cylinders produce a force in extending and retracting directionsThese hydraulic cylinders are designed for applications with higher pressures. High pressure hydraulic cylinders can be found in systems which have bends, or tilted pipes which require additional linear force. High pressure hydraulic cylinders are commonly used in agricultural machinery, construction machinery and manufacturing. They are also ideal for use in mining as they can be used in areas where electrical equipment could cause sparking.

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