Labelling, Binding & Laminating

Our selection of paperwork labelling, binding and laminating tools makes it easy to protect and organise all your important documents - ideal for daily long-term use and safekeeping around the home, school or office.

These machines and accessories help you maintain a tidy, clean and well-organised desk or filing space, with a range of products to suit both occasional personal use and high-workflow commercial environments where efficiency and quality of presentation are key.

What types of labelling and binding products are for sale?

Laminators and laminating pouches

  • Laminating machines are an incredible time-saver protecting and presenting important or highly valued paper documents in a hardwearing skin.
  • They heat quickly, using high temperature pressure rollers to bond the edges of a plastic laminating pouch around your paperwork, creating a durable waterproof seal.
  • Laminated documents can also be written on with wipe-off dry erase markers for annotation and highlighting.

Binding machines and binding covers

  • Comb binders or wire binders use an electronic punching mechanism to combine many separate sheets of paper into a single, multi-page document or book format.
  • They typically feature a reversible, lever-operated comb opener to allow for easy addition or removal of pages.
  • Binding covers made from PVC, cardboard or leatherboard give the finished product a more professional high-end look, and help protect it from damage or spills.

Label-makers and dispensers

  • Various types of label printers are designed to give easy, preprogrammed access to a wide range of common industry signs and symbols.
  • They offer a fast and user-friendly way to standardise your paperwork labelling and organisation.
  • Other advanced features can include backlit graphic displays, one-touch powered cutters, inkless thermal transfer technology, quick-eject cassette systems, fast-charging lithium-ion battery packs, and the ability to dispense a variety of common label sizes from a single unit.

Sticky labels, panel markings and adhesive lettering

  • Ideal for marking up documents of all types, and creating efficient paperwork storage or labelling systems.
  • Panel markings are best suited to replacing engraved plates or particularly durable label types, such as plastic panes. They’re often used in component identification and barcoding applications, as well as in asset or inventory tracking environments.

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