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Heat Lamps

Heat lamps use infrared (IR) to emit heat and are mostly used for radiant heating in communal areas making them an energy-efficient alternative to patio heaters. An Infrared Lamp can be a solution for canteens, schools, supermarkets, restaurants, or hospitals to serve as a light source to keep the food warm. Just like a conventional lamp produces light, and the heat spent is seen as waste, whereas with a heat lamp it’s the opposite with heat being the primary source. Heat Lamps come in a range of hard glass infrared heat bulb, screw-in lamps, double-ended or linear lamps for heater fittings to provide a clean and efficient heat source.

IR lamps can also be used for instant shortwave drying, which can be incredibly helpful for drying print on paper, drying lacquer and electronic varnishes and drying water-based paints. Their high efficiency and safety are exceptional, especially when comparing to standard non-jacketed lamps. Infrared radiation is widespread in Light Therapy or Red-Light Therapy to release the pain, but the power of heat goes much further than this. The heat can be pretty much instant after being switched on, with most at full power able to provide heat within a few seconds. Some infrared lamps have a dimmable function that allows you to easily regulate the temperature.

Typical applications for IR Heat Lamps

Heat lamps are special types of incandescent bulbs which are designed to generate as much heat as possible through infrared radiation, so they are often called infrared lamps, infrared heaters, or IR bulbs. Their ability to warm quickly, cheaply, and efficiently makes them useful in many temperature-critical applications. Heat Lamps can be used across several applications where the heat is mandatory to perform as:

  • Space heaters for both inside and outside sheltered areas
  • Infrared drying processes
  • Thermoforming
  • Infrared shrink packaging
  • Vulcanizing and curing rubber
  • Laminating
  • Sealing and electrostatic copy equipment
  • Infrared food heaters have practical usage in a restaurant, cafes, terraces, sports halls, churches, storage areas, garages, etc.
  • Warmth to animals such as chickens, livestock
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