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    Girder Clips

    Girder clips are devices that fasten directly onto girders (large iron or steel beams) so that wires or cables can be attached to the framework of a building, and are used during construction or installation of electrical equipment. Unlike girder threaded clamps, girder cable clips are hammered or clipped directly onto girders, with an eyelet or other aperture that allows the wire or cable to pass through.

    How do girder clips work?

    Girder cable clips grip securely onto wide flange beams and plate girders using tension or spring loading. The design allows for a tight and secure attachment that can be quickly installed and removed. The jaw of the cable clip opens wide to adjust to various different beam types, making them a versatile piece of equipment.

    What are girder clips used for?

    Girder cable clips are used during the construction of a building or installation of cabling within it so that wires can be attached securely and safely.

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