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    Electronics Cleaners

    Electronic Cleaners are Precision cleaners, degreasers, contact cleaners and general purpose electronic cleaning solvents used for cleaning and removing grease, oil, dust or flux from delicate electronic assemblies. They do this by cleaning PCBs (printed circuit boards) and electronic equipment thoroughly, leaving behind a clean dry surface with no residues. A contact cleaner works on electronic components, ignition points, electronic controls, relays and other areas that need a product to evaporate quickly. Contact cleaners are plastic safe, quick-drying, and you can be confident that they leave no residues on the treated equipment.

    How do degreasers and contact cleaners work?

    Degreasers can apply to the surface to be cleaned by spray or immerse the surface and allow it to evaporate. Remove any stubborn stains or grime with a foam-tipped bud or small brush. Precision cleaners and degreasers dry naturally after use, but you can speed up this by wiping the surface.Why use electronics cleaners?There are often requirements for industrial and electronic components to be cleaned. However, these are sometimes so small that they are not visible by eye. Alternatively, some oils and greases require certain chemicals to remove them, without damaging the object being cleaned.

    What can you use them with?

    Precision electronics cleaners, contact cleaners and degreasers will specify the devices they will clean, this may include.Computers.Cameras.Optical and precision instruments.Components in electronic and video equipmentPCBs.Photocopier drums, Disc drives, Tape heads.

    Types of electronic cleaners.

    Acetone.Isopropyl alcohol (IPA).Rubbing alcohol.De-ionised water.Foam.**How are Electronics Cleaners & degreasers packaged?**Many of our cleaners are in a spray, aerosol, tin, bottle or a larger can. The packaging depends on the product type and how it is to be used.**Are Electronics Cleaners eco-friendly?**Some of the cleaners that we sell are designed to be eco-friendly alternatives to CFC-based solvents.**Are Electronics cleaners flammable?**Some chemicals used in degreasers may be flammable, for example, IPA. Please refer to data sheets for ingredients and the advice given.

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