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    Parts Washers

    A parts washer is an important piece of cleaning and maintenance equipment used for cleaning parts and pieces of equipment in a cleaning station or parts washing station area. The parts washer provides the opportunity to remove dirt, dust, grit, oil, machine oil, grease and other debris from any part ensuring the maintenance, operation, safety and productivity of any part.

    Parts cleaning and parts washers are essential in many industries from industrial and automotive to medical and hospital environments where parts washers play an important part in hygiene. Using a parts washer allows you to work safely to use many types of cleaning fluids, cleaning solutions, degreasers, detergents, solvents and specialist parts cleaner.

    What types of parts washers are available?

    • Industrial parts washers – manual, automatic, high-pressure spray, immersion and ultrasonic.
    • Manual parts washers are best for individual small parts cleaning using a suitable cleaning solution. Manual parts washers normally have sink or drum design.
    • Automatic parts washers are good for cleaning multiple parts of various sizes at the same time and cannot be cleaned through manual parts washers.
    • High-pressure parts washers work in the same way as a dishwasher and normally have a cabinet style design. High pressure spray covers all the parts ensuring all the part are cleaned.
    • Ultrasonic parts washers use a cleaning solution where the parts are immersed, and then ultrasonic energy passes through the cleaning solution providing a high-level cleaning.
    • Immersion agitation parts washers work similarly to ultrasonic washers but instead of ultrasonic energy the parts are automatically moved side to side or up and down within the solution.

    When you buy a parts washer, you must consider what it will be used for, consider the sizes of parts the parts washer will clean, plus the capacity, volume and load weight the parts washer is to deal with.

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