Degreasers are chemical-based liquids, aerosols or wipes designed for cleaning and removing unwanted substances. They are able to break down materials which cannot be dissolved in water, such as lubricants, greases, adhesives and oils.Where are they used?Degreases are used is environments which might produce, or be exposed non water-soluble materials. For example, grease residue in machinery or moulds, or for cleaning tools which come into contact with oils and grease. Some degreasers are suitable for use in food environments.Biodegradable degreasers do not contain hazardous solvents and can be broken down to avoid polluting the environment. They are seen as being more environmentally friendly. Types of DegreasersLiquidsAerosol - Fast DryingWipesPackaging TypesSpray BottlesAerosol CansMetal Cans

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