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    Anti Static Cleaners

    Anti static cleaners are essential for ensuring your equipment and ESD safe working environments are free of static, dirt and debris. With many ESD-protected areas often utilising machinery and electronic equipment, build up of dust and electrostatic is a common problem.

    What anti static cleaners are available?

    At RS you will find a selection of robust cleaners and accessories that are ideal for providing an anti static solution whilst cleaning. For quick and easy application, you will find anti-static cleaners in spray bottles either as a form or aerosol. There is also a selection of wipes available, providing a streak free clean with anti-static surface. Alternatively, static dispenser bottles help provide a convenient storage and application solution.

    Anti Static Spray

    Anti-static sprays work by introducing a thin, protective layer on the surface of an object. This layer helps to neutralise static charges, preventing them from building up or dissipating them more quickly, ideal for fabrics, clothing, carpets and flooring.

    Anti Static Bottle

    Certain chemicals or solvents used in industries like electronics manufacturing, laboratories, or cleanrooms can be sensitive to static electricity. Anti-static bottles can be used to store these substances safely, minimising the risk of static discharge that could potentially lead to accidents or damage.

    Anti Static Wipes

    These wipes are effective in removing dust, lint, and other particles that can accumulate on surfaces. By reducing the presence of particles, they help maintain a cleaner and more static-free environment. These wipes are typically non-abrasive and safe for use on a wide range of sensitive surfaces, including electronic equipment, screens, keyboards, plastics, and other materials that are prone to static build-up. When using anti static cleaning products, it is also advised to wear appropriate gloves, to prevent excess contamination or static building up on surfaces.Our range of anti-static cleaners offer effective solutions for controlling dust and static build-up on electronic devices. With their dust removal capabilities, static discharge control, and user-friendly formulations, these cleaners ensure optimal device performance, extend lifespan, and provide ESD protection. Invest in anti-static cleaners today and keep your electronics clean, static-free, and performing at their best.

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