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    Metal Channel

    Metal channels are widely used in both commercial and DIY applications. Ideal for general fabrication, frame-making, construction along with smaller applications such as cable management. Aluminium channels are simple profiles made up of a single piece formed to a U or C shape. The square edge profile of the U makes the channel strong making it suitable for fabrications and construction. Offering a range of top-quality grades RS's range of metal channels continues to grow, our offer predominantly consists of aluminium metal channels...

    What is an Aluminium channel?

    Available in a range of sizes, aluminium channels often feature equal height and width with various thicknesses. The equal dimensions make it similar to the aluminium box section but offer up a wider range of application options with the exposed centre channel. Channels are easy to cut with either hand or power saws and are suitable to use with a range of fixings. Easy to drill for use with bolts and other metal fixings as well as suitable for being welded

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