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    Glass Fibre Tape & Glass Rope

    Glass fibre tapes and glass fibre ropes are insulating materials made of high-temperature glass fibres woven together to form ropes or flat tapes. Sometimes called lagging rope or ladder tape the highly flexible material has low thermal conductivity and excellent mechanical strength. Glass fibre tapes and ropes are also ideal insulation purposes, helping to retain heat and fumes such as in exhaust systems.

    Advantages of glass fibre

    Due to its high-temperature resistance and low thermal conductivity properties, glass fibre tapes and ropes are excellent for insulating hot water pipes or flues. Glass fibre is also widely used as a gasket or seal for ovens and stoves. The material has excellent abrasion resistance, so it is not easily worn away by rubbing or friction.

    Should I use glass fibre rope or tape?

    The type of insulation you choose depends on the environment and application you are in.

    • Flat glass tapes are typically used in applications where a high-temperature heat resistant seal is required on both sides, like an oven door. Flat tapes can also be used for insulation to wrap around flue pipes and hot water pipes.
    • Round Ropes are typically used for gaskets, caulking of oven and furnace doors, wood stoves and expansion joints. Glass rope is also ideal for sealing static (fire) doors.

    Where are glass fibre tapes and ropes used?

    Common applications for glass fibre tapes and ropes include exhaust pipe insulation, electrical insulation for wires, insulation pipes and more.

    Our range of glass fibre tapes and ropes are available in a range of lengths, widths, thicknesses and diameters to suit all your industrial or domestic needs.

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