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    Tube Inserts

    A tube insert is a square or round plastic bung or plug with an internal female metal thread. Tube inserts are inserted into the open end of a square tube, round tube, strut or box section.

    What do tube inserts do?

    Threaded tube inserts provide a convenient way of attaching static or adjustable feet or stem casters to aluminium structural tubes or metal tubing. These type of inserts fit snugly into the end of the tube and ensure the foot or castor is held in place securely. Similar to caps, tube inserts provide an aesthetically pleasing look whilst offering protection against ingress of moisture and corrosion. 

    Thread sizes

    RS offer a range of threaded tube inserts with an internal female thread. Commonly used thread sizes include M10, M12, M16, M20.

    Where are tube inserts used?

    Tube inserts are used in a wide variety of heavy-duty and light-duty industrial applications. Tube inserts are often used where easy height adjustment or movement of structure is required. The most common environments would be:

    • Conveyor stands
    • Display stands
    • Furniture
    • Trolleys and carts

    Some key points that must be considered when selecting a suitable tube insert fixings are:

    • Thread size
    • Tube size
    • Static load capacity
    • Bush material
    • Body material
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