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    D Sub Backshells

    D-Sub Backshells play a pivotal role in maximising EMI/RFI shielding to create reliable protection and optimal performance of your applications.

    They complement each other with D-Sub Connectors which can change the orientation of the Connector that comes in a range of different sizes, materials (plastic, metal) and colours to support your project.

    What are D-Sub Connector Backshells used for?

    The D-Sub Backshells have a direct impact on the stability of the Connector and prevents potential damage from straining on the cables to which the Connector is attached. It is not uncommon that Backshells are colour-coded or labelled for easy identification, especially when there is a connection with large modular boards.

    Our comprehensive D-Sub Backshells, including our own branded RS PRO, offers a variety of options to make a difference in terms of stability while keeping maximum cable strain relief to make sure no damage to wires and contacts is in place.

    The standard D-Sub Backshell part is the screw type Connector responsible for providing a reliable and safe connection system. One of their characteristics lies in their ability to change the orientation for the connection. This in turn allows the Connectors to be tailored to the application in which they will be used. This process enables connections to be made when the space available is restricted.

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