Internal Hard Drives

An Internal Hard Drive is a device designed to store digital information. They also are known as HDD. Hard Drive is an integral component of every computer system that reads and writes information using magnetic discs. Integral HDDs communicate with a computer via SATA port connected directly to a computer's mainboard or USB port. Hard Drive has a number of a specification that describes its capabilities. One of the most important is a Hard Drive capacity. Hard Drives these days can hold terabytes (TB) of data and be very fast in both reading and writing.

How to choose the right hard drive for your computer?

All industry leading manufacturers such as Seagate, Western Digital (WD), Hitachi or Toshiba produce high-quality internal hard drives. Choosing one of their discs cannot be a bad idea.

To fully understand a characteristic of a hard drive, you will have to familiarise with some of the technical information:

  • Capacity - this is a primary characteristic of a hard drive. It describes how much data can an HDD hold. It could be anything from 1 GB up to several TB. Of course, the bigger capacity the more expensive hard drive is. It's worth to consider how much data you need to keep on your hard drive before making a decision on buying one or another.

  • Speed - A speed of the hard drive is described in "revolutions per minute" (rpm). In other words, physical rotational speed. The higher number of rpm the faster read and write process is. Typically, internal hard drive rotating at 5,400rpm up to 10,000 rpm.

  • Form Factor - There are two HDD form factors available on the market: 3.5-inch - designed for desktop computers and 2.5-inch - due to a smaller size, ideal for laptops and other types of portable computers. They are also known as laptop hard drives.

  • Cache - this term can also be described as disk buffer or disk's temporary memory. When a disk read and write data and work at the same tasks repeatedly, it transfers some of the information into temporary memory so it can be accessed even faster. The bigger cache, the quicker a disc is going to deliver information.

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