Optical Cables

What is an Optical Cable?

Optical cable is a cable that is used to transfer data, usually audio or video, from one source to another.

What is an Optical Cable used for?

• DVD Players
• CD Players
• Portable Devices
• Surround Sound/Home Theatre
• Game Consoles

DVD Players

An optical cable can be utilized to exchange a sound from one segment, like DVD player, to another segment, for example a receiver. Or on the other hand, now and again, an optical cable may have the capacity to specifically connect to a TV, assuming that TV had an optical port.

CD Players

People who need astounding sound from a CD player may attach it to a receiver with a digital optical cable. Since optical cables are perfect at recreating a signal, and barely any transfer is lost in the exchange, they make exceptional solutions for generating great sound.

Portable Devices

Some portable gadgets are equipped for transferring data to another segment through digital optical cable. So on the occasion when you want to play music through digital receiver, you could interface the two parts with a digital optical cable.

Surround Sound/Home Theatre

Many high-quality sound systems use a digital optical cable to connect a subwoofer to a receiver. This makes the sound quality getting through the subwoofer significantly higher than it would be comparing to only connection with speaker wire.

Game Consoles

Some of the more recently developed game consoles, like PlayStation 4, connect to a TV with digital optical cable. This exchanges the video and sound signal from the console to the television.

Types of Optical Cable

There is only one type of optical cable and that is TOSlink. It may be referred to as TOSlink, Toshiba-link or just Digital Optical Cable, but it is the only audio cable that is optical. They are usually limited to 5 metres in length, witch a technical maximum of 10 metres, for reliable transmission without the use of a signal booster or a repeater.

How fast are Optical Cables?

A fast cable connection can deliver speed up to 50Mbps however fiber optic speed can be as much as 20 times faster than 50Mbs


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