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    Gaffer Tapes

    Gaff Tape, Gaffer Tape, or Gaffer's Tape, you call it whatever you want. This tape is among the most useful in the toolbox of any media professional. Soon you'll understand why.

    Gaffer Tape

    Gaffer tape also referred to as gaffa tape, is a heavy cotton cloth tape featuring a strong adhesive with excellent sticking qualities. A film studio, theatre, and photography studio are the first to use it. Its use today has expanded to include garages, homes, and many other areas.

    Because of its versatile applications, gaffer tape has become increasingly popular nowadays.

    These tapes are typically available in rolls of 25m or 50m lengths and a standard 50mm width.

    They are available in a range of colours, used to mark different applications as well as available in both gloss and matt finishes.

    Gaffer Tape Types

    There are 5 types of Gaffer tapes that are as follows:

    Cloth Gaffer Tape

    Cloth is the most common material used for gaffer tape. Heavy-duty cloth backing is required for true gaffer tapes. An adhesive backing and robust fabric material make it a durable product.

    In standard gaffer tape, the fabric waving is rugged and tight, finished with a variety of synthetic materials and compounds to give it added durability.

    Gloss Gaffer Tape

    In contrast to cloth gaffer tape, gloss gaffer tape provides an aesthetically pleasing effect. Cables or other components can be highlighted with it. Safety is the main reason for this. This product is used in areas with reduced light levels and visibility that may pose safety risks.

    For highlighting effects, gaffer tape is also available in reflective and fluorescent versions.

    Matt Gaffer Tape

    It's popular to use matte gaffer tape to conceal cables and wiring in a place where you don't want them to be seen. This makes it a popular choice for film and stage productions.

    Unlike other gaffer tapes, this one doesn't reflect light. An environment that is dim requires the use of black gaffer tape.

    Colored Gaffer Tape

    Besides black, gaffer tape comes in a variety of colours, including white, yellow, silver, green, brown, and red. It is generally preferred to use coloured gaffer tape so that it blends easily into the surroundings. For example, cables on a wooden surface are hidden using brown gaffer tape.

    Whereas, outdoor events require gaffer tape in red, blue, and green colours. Labelling and identification are also among the many uses of coloured gaffer tape.

    Need writing done on a Gaffer tape? Go for a light Gaffer tape. Light-coloured gaffer tape can be written on easily with a standard pen. Identifying wires or components is easier with light-coloured and clear gaffer tape.

    Heavy Duty Gaffer Tape

    Suitable for sealing, wrapping, and repairs, Heavy-duty gaffer tape gets its name from its heavy-duty nature. Applications in industrial settings are ideal for this product.

    Uses of Gaffer Tape

    Gaffer tape uses material that is not reflective and has a lower adhesive strength than duct tape. In fact, gaffer tape is popular because it has low adhesive strength. When cloth gaffer tape is removed, paint or fabric won't be stripped because cloth gaffer tape doesn't adhere to materials as strong as duct tape.

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