Double Sided Cloth Tapes

What is double sided cloth tape?Double sided cloth tape is a type of adhesive tape. Typically manufactured from woven cotton or a synthetic cloth, this kind of tape features an adhesive coating on both sides. Cloth is heavier than tapes manufactured with plastic or paper, and cloth tapes have a high adhesive coat weight. A high adhesive coat rate and high tack ensures a strong initial bond.What is it used for?Double sided cloth tape is versatile and can be used in several of environments, internally and externally. It is particularly suited to bonding on awkward shapes or uneven surfaces such as floors. Example applications include:- Carpet laying- Fixing signs- Permanent bonding of materials such as aluminium and polystyrene- Splicing fabric webs- Laminating leather, textiles and foamFeatures:Double sided cloth tape is able to reinforce in two different directions, but cannot reinforce diagonally. Some variants are removable, and can be easily detached. Double sided cloth tape offers resistance to tearing under stretch, but can also be torn by hand.

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