Thread Lock

What is Threadlocking Adhesive?Threadlocking adhesive also known as thread locking fluid or threadlocker is a liquid resin which is applied to threaded fasteners to prevent self-loosening, leakage and corrosion. Threadlock adhesive, when applied to the fastener threads hardens (or cures) to a tough solid when exposed to metal ions in the absence of air (anaerobic). This curing method allows the adhesive to flow evenly into the grooves of the threads and gradually harden. The hardened adhesive provides increased friction between the mating threads for a secure vibration proof connection. The adhesive also acts as a seal and protects the joint from corrosion caused by moisture, fluids and gassesTypes of Threadlocking AdhesiveThreadlocking adhesive is available in different strengths and viscosities to suit specific applicationsLow Strength - this adhesive is used on screws up to one-quarter of an inch in diameter. These screws include adjustment and calibration screws, gauges, meters and other fastenings that require regular adjustment. Low strength threadlock adhesive allows the fasteners to be easily removedMedium Strength - this adhesive is used on fasteners up to three-quarter of an inch in diameter. These fasteners are typically used in machine tools and presses, pumps, compressors and mounting bolts. This adhesive allows the fasteners to be removed using hand tools.High Strength - this adhesive is used on fasteners up to one inch in diameter which are used in permanent assemblies such as heavy equipment. High strength threadlocking adhesive provides resistance against a high degree of vibration and offers the highest holding ability.Low Viscosity Penetrating Adhesives - this adhesive is for use on pre-assembled fastenersOther varieties of threadlock adhesive are available that are surface insensitive or have high temperature, chemical resistant or extreme vibration resistant formulationsThreadlocking adhesives are usually colour coded to indicate strength and whether they can be removedBenefits Prevents unwanted movement or loosening due to vibration Prevents corrosion between the threads Prevents leakage Good temperature resistance Improves torque control during assembly Lowers maintenance and manufacturing costs by preventing seizing and fastener loosening Easy to dispense and apply

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