Squeeze Bottles

A squeeze bottle is a type of plastic container that dispenses fluid by being manually squeezing the main body. The fluid is expelled through a nozzle on the top which can be various sizes and angles. The nozzle on a squeeze bottle is removable allowing the contents to be replenishedWhat are Squeeze Bottles Used For?Squeeze bottles are designed to contain viscous fluids such as sauces, detergents, liquids, oils and adhesives and can be used in the home, workplace, laboratories, factories, hospitals and many more. Squeeze bottles are commonly used for condiments in the catering industry for saucesTypes of NozzleSqueeze bottles commonly have a standard, straight pointed nozzle but some are more specialised. Angled needle point nozzles are designed to be non-drip and can deliver a controlled fine stream of liquid. Some squeeze bottles use a blunt stainless steel needle as a nozzle for precise dispensing of liquid

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