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    Despite the rise of versatile home furnishings, personal items still need storage to make the most out of their space. Not only at home, but also at work. The concept of assigned workspaces is slowly disappearing as offices become more open and flexible.

    You can store your personal belongings that should be kept out of sight whenever they aren't in use. Standard lockers are suitable for schools, locker rooms in gyms, breakrooms at offices, or any other area that does not have a high risk of accidents.

    So, you have an array of storage lockers to choose from and let's take a look at some of them.

    Types of Lockers

    Storage lockers vary in height, depth, and a number of doors and are normally narrow in appearance. Storage lockers do not take up too much space but offer you more space to store items such as office documents, personal belongings and workwear.

    Having them installed in a room creates a systemised, clean appearance. One more amazing thing about these lockers is that they are portable, meaning they can be moved around easily, lockable, and can be secured with a padlock.

    Lockers specifically designed for laptops, tablets or mobile phones are also available, for example, laptop charging lockers provide a safe and secure place to charge laptops, smartphones, or tablets.

    Then there are compartment lockers built into it with safety, well-being, and security in mind, designed to eliminate trailing cables and protect against theft, along with an antibacterial coating that kills bacteria.

    Industrial lockers are an excellent choice for industrial settings, workshop areas, garages, as well as other areas where impact is possible or hazards exist. A bulk storage locker and a security cage can hold items larger and heavier than industrial lockers (and standard lockers) .

    Athletic and tactical gear lockers provide large storage spaces suitable for bulky sports gear, military troops and law enforcement personnel, emergency responders, and more.

    The lockers for cell phones and mobile devices are equipped with compartments which are suitable for holding electronic devices of a personal nature.

    Built-in sockets are included in these lockers, with a vented design to prevent overheating.

    Why not use a metal locker as a decorative piece in your interior walls to increase storage space in your home? Metal lockers aren't just for locker rooms in schools, workplaces, and recreation centres.

    What to consider when choosing a locker?

    Now that you're considering getting some storage lockers, there are a variety of options and accessories to take into consideration, so here are some things to consider.

    Start with considering - What will you store in the locker?

    Are locks necessary for security?

    It's size. Whether vented or not.

    What type of material do you want the lockers made from?

    Steel, aluminium, plastic, MDF or a solid grade laminate (SGL) made lockers are readily available. Generally, lockers are selected based on the environment in which they are to be installed. When installing lockers outside, weatherproofing is essential. The same principle applies when installing lockers in a damp area like a bathroom or swimming pool.

    In the dry indoor environment, metal lockers make the most sense to install in staff rooms, schools and changing areas.

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