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    Wire Rope Clamps

    Wire rope clamps are a type of hardware that is used to create a loop in a piece of wire rope, and clamp it into place. This loop can be used as a load bearing eye. Wire rope clamps are often known as also known as wire rope clips or wire rope grips. The clamp fitting consists of a u-bolt and a saddle secured by two nuts, and is usually made from stainless steel.

    How to use wire rope clamps?

    The loose end of a wire is looped back and threaded through the wire rope clamp. The nuts on the clamp are then tightened to secure the end. Two to three clamps are used for a secure fitting. The u-bolt must always be placed on the load-bearing side of the wire rope. This protects the rope against crushing.

    Material and sizes

    Available in steel and stainless steel and in a wide range of sizes to suit different rope diameters, for example 8 mm or 10 mm.

    What is DIN1142?

    DIN1142 is an industrial standard for wire rope clamps and clips.

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